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Why Do I Need Animal Liability Insurance?

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What is Animal Liability Insurance?

Animal liability insurance is coverage that can sometimes be added to an existing home insurance policy to cover you in the event that your pet causes harm to someone who is not a member of your household. Animal liability insurance may help pay for medical expenses related to injury and legal costs up to the policy limits if someone sues you over the damage your pet caused. (NOTE: Not all policies cover animal liability.)

My Pet is Friendly; Why Should I Get Animal Liability Insurance?

At Lee Reed Insurance, we are huge animal lovers, but we know that even our sweetest pets can have bad days. That is why we recommend animal liability insurance (when available) to just about everyone who has a furry family member. If your pet has even one bad moment, it can result in thousands of your dollars lost. Animal liability insurance can help with those costs.

What Do I Need to Know About Animal Liability Insurance?

It is possible that your homeowners’ policy already provides personal liability coverage that includes animal liability coverage. Suppose your homeowners’ policy excludes animal liability coverage. In that case, you may be able to add animal liability coverage through a separate policy or endorsement.

Typically, animal liability insurance covers smaller, personal pets and not commercial animals such as farm animals. This type of coverage also does not usually cover injuries to your household members your pet may cause. It is also important to note that the breed of dog you have may result in a higher premium on your policy or a rejected application, as certain breeds are statistically more likely to cause an incident than others.

If you are unsure whether your homeowners’ policy includes animal liability coverage or if you have recently become a pet owner and have questions, reach out to us at Lee Reed Insurance to see if we can help protect you and your furry friend. Call (813) 782-5502 or email today.

The above information should serve as a general overview of animal liability insurance. Specific policies should be discussed with an agent as coverage can vary between every individual policy.